Done with the base coat!

The peach paint is all up on the wall…. all 800 square feet of the darn wall.  And it kind of even matches some of the lighter bricks in the building!  Next, I have to figure out if my materials are going to work for stenciling giant globes and creating all of these pieces.  And then, Andrew Conrad (of Sturges Word) at JVS might put me on the news!


More paint on the wall

Two coats on two walls is pretty good.  Especially considering I was painting in 100-plus-degree weather yesterday.

Next week, I hope to go around the corner, and finish up the rest of the basecoat on the parking lot wall.


Peach… or is it Beige?

So, I’ve started to paint on the parking lot wall that faces the street.  I went over the tag that was there with some white paint first, and then just started in with a roller on the rest of the wall.  I think it’s a pretty nice color!

I got paint!

Excellent news! ICI Dulux paints on Baltimore Ave. in downtown Kansas City donated seven gallons of peach-colored paint for the mural wall yesterday. This will make a lovely basecoat for the mural.

Later on, I met with Lamb Chops – yes, she’s a real person, and she’s interested in helping with the project. We talked about a new direction to go with the mural that would still represent JVS in the best possible way. Soon, we may have some proofs – but here’s our idea:

We came up with the idea to use lots of globes of all different sizes. The globes would be black and white, but the refugees’ countries would be in bright colors. That way, all the countries will be more broadly recognizable and easy to locate for people who aren’t necessarily nationals of those countries. Additionally, it will emphasize our inter-connectedness as global citizens. Yeah!

Street Art

Here’s the main site for Roadsworth, a street artist in Montreal.  His eloquent explanation of his motives is inspiring, and I think he speaks for a broad number of street artists.  It begins as political expression, evolves into artistic expression, and then gets noticed.  May he find the most noble fate as he traverses the legal process.

New artwork on the mural wall

There’s a new little sheep on the mural wall… and apparently, it belongs to Lamb Chops.  If you’re out there, LC, I’d like to work with you on this project – you’ve obviously got some real talent for stenciling!  Seriously, write me:

Lamb Chops - new artwork


Mainline Printing graciously donated 25 big sheets of this silvery chipboard stuff for the mural project.  It will be perfect for cutting stencils.  A very big thank you to Jane Hazard at Mainline, and also to Cyndi Menzel at KNEA for sending my request to Jane!

Big silvery stencil boards