I’m DONE with the mural!

Wahoo! It feels great to have finished what was, for me, such a large project.  Both in physical size and ambition, this mural was a pretty big deal.  800 square feet of peach-colored base coat (twice over), 15 two-color globes that are all almost four feet across, 13 different colors of paint.  Whew.

Thanks to everyone who helped me through the whole process: Steve; Jane at Mainline Printing in Topeka; Jon at Boyda for CongressICI Dulux Paints on Baltimore in downtown KC; Lamb Chops; Martha, Karen, Zoraida, Andrew, Heather, and Joy at JVSKC (mural site);  Natasha at CFCA, and finally, Mom and Pop.  Thanks additionally to other friends and family who were encouraging along the way.  I could not have done it alone!

I hope, in the future, that I may be able to find my way into more projects like this one – it was a real challenge for me to think like a painter and a designer at once.  I’m not a painter by nature, and had only made a handful of stencils before this project – none of which were quite so big.  It was fun to be called an artist whenever I visited the mural site at JVS.

In other news, I have been working for Nancy Boyda’s campaign, and I will be essentially unemployed after this week.  If you’re looking to commission a diversely talented photographer, designer, sewer, or mural artist – please let me know.  I’m a creative person, so I’m not limited to just those fields. I could use the work!


3 responses to “I’m DONE with the mural!

  1. So where exactly is this mural located? I’d love to check it out in person.
    I never realized you were a guy that wears so many hats … photographer & designer, I was aware of. But sewer and mural artist, well, I’m just impressed. : )

  2. Alissa,

    The mural is located at about 16th and Baltimore in downtown Kansas City, MO. Basically in the Crossroads district. It’s not very high off the ground, but you can see it off the street if you drive down Baltimore!

  3. Yay! You’re finished!!! I’m going to drive past it on Monday … AND I’ll probably stop and walk around it!

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