Stencil Attempt #1

Not exactly a pass.  Actually, I’d call it a fail.

I used my overhead projector with my friend’s digital projector adaptor thing (a strange contraption with an LCD screen and S-Video input that sits atop an old public-school style projector) to shine globes up on the wall.  It worked all right, but it resized my 1440 x 900 widescreen to 800 x 600 … ouch!  It also made the images pretty fuzzy.

I put the 4′ x 4′ pieces of corrugated plastic up behind the projection, and traced the outlines with a sharpie.

After six outlines, I was ready to sit down and cut.  I got out my breakaway X-actos and started into the sharpie lines, and ran into lots of problems.

I couldn’t cut all the way through the plastic.  I couldn’t make sharp turns.  And when I went to pop the design out of the bigger piece, the plastic just ripped in places and created lines where lines shouldn’t have been.  None of these are good for stencilling.

So, I scrapped the idea to use corrugated plastic.  That will have to be for some other project.

I went out and bought heavy (6 mil) plastic sheeting from Lowe’s, and I found these 15 oz. cans of Rustoleum that I think will work well for the mural.

The revised process (tentative):

  1. I’m going to print out my globes on transparencies, making sure the designs are stencillable.
  2. I’ll stick the plastic up on the wall in 4′ x 4′ cut squares.
  3. I’ll shine the projected globes onto the plastic.
  4. Trace with a sharpie.
  5. Cut out the plastic film!

So, my hope is that the plastic will be durable enough not to rip, but thin enough to be easily cut and transported.  Wish me luck!


I found a great post  over at Calyx design – Richard explains the same kind of conundrum many of us art enthusiasts have.  We’d love to support street art and graffiti, but can’t at the same time morally condone vandalism.  He suggests an approach to street art that everyone can take!


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